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NCWSC in conjunction with Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) have so far installed 15 Pre-Paid Water Dispensers in Kiambiu Informal Settlement while foundation works for the second batch of 15 PPDs is underway. The Project seeks to curb rampant illegal water connections in the area by way of availing affordable solutions. 

The initiative will reach close to fifteen thousand informal settlements inhabitants; A total of 620 tokens have been issued and topped-up for use by individuals out of 3,026 forms received. The project also, involves doing both domestic and pre-paid water dispensers. There is slow progress of paid applications due to the impact of Covid-19 that has slowed down the payments of domestic applications. 

In other informal settlement interventions to combat Covid-19 the National Government, through Athi Water Works Development Agency (AWWDA), has sunk 60 new boreholes and is in the process of rehabilitating 32 existing boreholes. These water points will be operated by NCWSC but managed through the Community Water Committees which are to be set up by the Provisional Administration where NCWSC will be incorpo-rated. 25 of these boreholes have been handed over to NCWSC recently. 

In yet another collaboration between UNICEF, WASH Alliance & NCWSC informal settlements in Nairobi will see coordinated efforts to enhance water service provision covering Mukuru, Kibera, Korogocho and Mathare. This initiative has so far been supported through donations of 34No. 5000litre water tanks to WASH facilities across various informal settlements within Nairobi. 

The objective is to ensure that vulnerable individuals in informal settlements have access to clean water and good hygiene especially in this period of COVID 19 pandemic. There is a follow-up initiative of installing 100litre tanks with complete hand washing stations in strategic points in the Informal Settlement of Nairobi. Other organizations partnering under this initiative includes Umande Trust and KWAHO

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